Faces of Christmas

Children from three continents

A street child sings carols as she waits for a hot meal for Christmas.

A homeless girl watches as a man gives his daughter some Christmas candy after a Christmas pageant.

A homeless boy pleads with a street-corner Santa for a toy for Christmas. He has never had a Christmas gift.

Refugee children get some candy and cookies as their gift from Father Frost.

Homeless children wait out in the cold to get a hot meal for their Christmas dinner.

A child in a refugee camp clutches his Christmas present.

Street children in a procession with Santa Claus.

A homeless girl clutches her younger sister as they wait in line to visit Santa and to get a hot meal for Christmas.

These children have a different Christmas than the holiday enjoyed by most of the readers of this website. They don't go Christmas shopping in malls, they don't see Christmas ads on TV, and they probably have never seen "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street."

Some of them may see Christmas ads in newspapers when they use the paper to cover themselves while they sleep in an alley. Others have the luxury of a tent in a refugee camp. A big wish for some of them is simply a few pieces of Christmas candy. Others are happy to get a hot Christmas meal donated by a charitable organization.

These children don't dream of a white Christmas. They dream of having a solid roof over their head and a real bed to sleep in.

This child understands these homeless children.
He was born in a stable.

2002 by W. C. Egan

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