Christmas in Grenada

by Bill Egan, Christmas Historian

Grenada is a small warm tri-island nation in the Caribbean, consisting of the mainland Grenada, and two small islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

During the Christmas season, the people concentrate on special food and drink - black fruit cake (baked and soaked, since October, with port wine and local Clarke's Court white rum), ham, rice and green pigeon peas, macaroni pie, baked stuff turkey; and locally made sorrel, ginger beer and the Clarke's Court white, dark, or red rum.

It is the time of year when goodwill and best wishes are extended throughout the islands, especially during the mid-night Christmas Church services, and by telephone calls.

Children, like children everywhere, look forward to receiving presents from parents and friends. Local pine trees are purchased from the forest, although some families buy the artificial ones. Lights and decorations are placed on the trees and are usually kept up until the first weekend in January.

Parang is the popular type of music in Grenada during the Christmas season. Groups, not unlike the British waits, go around serenading in their neighborhoods. In Granada there is the added attraction of steel pans, guitars, tambourines, bottles and spoons; anything to make warm and friendly music. On the island of Carriacou, there are Parang contests. The groups are judged on the composition as well as their rendition of the songs.

Visits to family and friends, sharing Christmas meals, and exchanging information are also a big part of the holiday season in this beautiful Caribbean nation.

Song: Island Joy

2001-02 by W. C. Egan

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